Business plan reviews

May 4, 2007

I’m reading through several business plans tonight. Many are focused on highly complex enterprise software applications in business to business markets (medical, state governments, large corporations). Not very interesting in my opinion. Calling it Web 2.0 doesn’t make it any more interesting either.


One has to do with making drug testing more efficient. Not sure I understand it.

Light based bioscience equipment. Same deal.

Creating online video maps of US cities? That has to be more expensive than realized. Didn’t Amazon throw in the towel on different flavor of same idea?

New eco-friendly outdoor shoe company founded by ex-Nike guy. Not much of a business plan, would need to learn more about the entrepreneur. Could be interesting given Portland’s place in this market.

Custom poker chips with slick online interface. Sounds cool, I want some. However, doesn’t feel like a big win. Perhaps a Zazzle, or the like, buys them.

Loved SeQuential’s plan!


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