SeQuential Biofuels

May 4, 2007

I love what these guys are doing.   They launched what they claim to be the nation’s first biofuels station in Eugene and now claim a network of 35+ branded biodiesel retail and cardlock sites (I’m assuming that the cardlock sites are self service). 

 They produce via a partnership with Pacific Biodiesel and claim initial capacity of 1 million gallons per year.  Production expansion is planned. 

Aside from production and retail, they need to partner on the distribution side (moving from production to retail outlets).  They work with several petroleum distributors to handle this. 

 Make it, move it, sell it.

Seems like a great opportunity to build a strong brand (even community) around a product that people are passionate about. 

 I would like to know about competition locally and nationally.

I would like to know more about the economics of the business (margins, break even, etc.)

I would like to know what/where the bottlenecks are (production, distribution, retail).  Are they selling out of product?  Are raw materials difficult to come by?

What is the current and projected market size for biofuels? 

How will SeQuential differentiate its brand (more than the “unique service offering” statement)

I like this one!  May have to go get myself a diesel VW.


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