More on biodiesel

May 8, 2007

Interesting article in the Portland Business Journal (May 4) about how oil dealers see biodiesel as a way to slow down market share declines.

The market for heating oil has been declining locally as more households use natural gas.  In 1995 400K HHs used natural gas.  In 2005, the number of HHs rose to 600K.  In 1990, 125K HHs used oil heat.  The number dropped to 100K by 2000.

 Oil dealers now see an opportunity to play the sustainability card because any home heating system that burns oil can use B20 (which means 20% biofuels).  Prices are comparable (B20 is slightly more expensive). 

 In addition to the green angle, biodiesels typically use local materials. 

NW Natural Gas responds that natural gas has a “lighter carbon footprint” than any fossil fuel, including biodiesel. 


One Response to “More on biodiesel”

  1. hudson Says:

    nice new…in my view biodiesel will succedd the oil. And, in according with UN this fuel will be healthy to earth, that´s what i hope…

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