Portland not as rainy as you would think

May 23, 2007

rainy december day
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It turns out that Portland, and the NW generally, isn’t as rainy as its reputation. List of cities with most rain.  I’m a shameless defender of Portland.


2 Responses to “Portland not as rainy as you would think”

  1. Mark Says:

    This study is misleading. Cities in the SE can get as much rainfall in a 5 minute downpour as Portland gets in 5 dreary, drizzly days. Despite the rainfall stats Seattle & Portland still have far more rainy days per year, and that’s what killed Kurt Cobain.

  2. tomturnbull Says:

    In terms of number of clear days per year:

    Portland is definitely a cloudy, if not rainy, place

    Astoria: 38
    Portland: 68
    Seattle: 71
    Detroit: 75
    Chicago: 84
    Washington DC: 92
    Minneapolis: 95
    Boston: 98
    New York: 107
    Atlanta: 110
    Los Angeles: 147
    San Francisco: 160
    Phoenix: 211
    Source: NOAA

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