Crazy Like a Fox (Network)

November 23, 2009

The debate is raging over Murdoch’s plan to “not give away” his content. I will admit that my first reaction was that the old codger was playing in deep right field. However, I’m starting to come around.

It will take more than Murdoch’s unilateral action. He will need to bring the other news organizations along. If Bing is willing to pay for exclusive search access, this becomes pretty interesting. In fact, in theory, consumers might not need to pick up the content bill (although I’m guessing we will still be asked to pay somthing to access the “cable network of online news”). However, Bing isn’t the sole solution to the news industry’s woes.

As a news junkie, I will switch to Bing if that’s where I need to go to search for news. Furthermore, when push comes to shove, I will pay for online news, just as I pay for print.


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