Bernard is in the house

December 13, 2009


6 Responses to “Bernard is in the house”

  1. Tracie Says:

    Very cute. We named ours Mia. I also left a comment on your flickr photo which I found during a search for how these dogs are doing since mine was quite sick, and 3 others were brought back to OHS sick as well, and one passed away Monday night. The suspected culprit is Parvo, but my little pup didn’t have classic Parvo symptoms.

  2. Tom Turnbull Says:

    Tracie, was your pup sick? Bernard was. He ended up spending a night at Dove Lewis pet hospital. His symptoms were parvo-like. We had feared the worst. He had two negative parvo tests. He has since bounced back and is eating, energetic, etc. He remains somewhat shy, but doing OK. Is Mia doing well now? I hadn’t heard about other dogs being sick, thanks for sharing that information.

  3. Tracie Says:

    We adopted Mia on Friday (the 11th). She was fine till Sunday when she refused to eat or drink anything. By Sunday afternoon we had her at St. Francis animal hospital and they claimed she tested positive for Parvo. So I called the Oregon Humane Society and they took her for the night. She bounced back for them so they sent her home Monday. They claimed the parvo vaccine they gave her on the 9th caused a false positive on the parvo test.

    She stopped eating again and by Tuesday we took her to our own vet who claimed she was testing a “weak positive” for parvo but they too said it could be the vaccine. She ended up being on IV fluids for the next 24 hours and seemed to be fully recovered for now. Other than the dehydration and lack of appetite, she did not have any other parvo symptoms.

    She’s doing great now. We’re keeping our fingers crossed she’ll stay healthy. Lord knows what kind of conditions they were in before they were rescued. Very glad to see most of them got adopted already!

  4. Tom Turnbull Says:

    Your experience is almost identical to ours. Are you saying that the parvo vaccine can cause these symptoms?

    Bernard’s experience was the same (dehydration, lack of appetite, zero energy). We had him at Dove Lewis with IV, etc. This was Tuesday-Wednesday. He is doing great now. He has tons of energy and is playing with the kids.

    Now we can think about the normal stuff – potty training!

  5. Tracie Says:

    Well they said she either had parvo or she didn’t, and the vaccine should *not* cause those symptoms. In other words, three vets looked at her (the one at the humane society, the one at St. Francis and our vet) and none of them really knew what was wrong with her.

    How old is Bernard? Mia is 3 months old, and the potty training is going pretty good.

  6. Tom Turnbull Says:

    Well, I’m glad that they are getting better…
    Ours is ~1 year old. He is doing pretty well on the training front.
    If you didn’t see this:

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