Crash Course: How to Build a Company

March 5, 2010

Five part video series by VC Jason Mendelson.  Well worth watching.

Summary points:

  • Is it something that you are honestly passionate about?
  • Is there a market for it?
  • Competition – really understand it. Think about it broadly (e.g., competing for free time)
  • How to make money (not just advertising)
  • Get real / honest feedback
  • Beware of technology in search of a problem – start with the problem
  • Team, team, team…
  • Be self aware / be teachable
  • Don’t assume you need to raise money
  • Does it really scale?
  • Always double check your assumptions?
  • Don’t hire a sales person until you can sell yourself
  • Leverage other platforms (Facebook, Twitter). [My note: should hedge bets, however]
  • Know when to quit. Don’t be Captain Ahab.

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