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Why can’t we all just get along?

July 16, 2011

Driving while under the influence of a podcast

June 14, 2010

I typically listen to podcasts on my iPhone in the car.  This has pretty much replaced listening to the radio.  I simply toss my iPhone on the passenger seat while listening.

The other day, I held my iPhone in my hand to hear better because I had the window open.  A driver in another car yelled at me to “stop yapping on your phone and drive” (he actually said it much more colorfully).  Of course the other driver had no idea that I was listening to a show.  I would say that this was no more dangerous than holding a cup of coffee while listening to the radio (OK, that’s probably dangerous too.)  It left me wondering whether I was violating Oregon’s new cell phone law. Read the rest of this entry »

iPhone app short list – it’s pretty short…

June 6, 2010

There are approximately 200,000 applications in the iPhone app store.  I’ve tried hundreds at this point – and will continue to try more.  That said, I did some spring cleaning on my iPhone.  It turns out that I only use about 20 applications on a regular basis.

I reorganized my home screen to include my most often used applications.  News, sports, stock quotes, Twitter/Facebook, search and maps are the greatest hits.  Pandora and iPod (primarily news/info podcasts) are also right up there.

(I suppose it goes without saying that phone/email/SMS are used more than anything.)

I’ve lost interest in Foursquare, MyTown and Gowalla.  All have received home screen demotion.  I’m not fully understanding the utility, or even entertainment value, of “check-ins.”

Angry Birds is my current guilty pleasure.  It’s a great game.  It makes the second screen.  The iPhone is a great gaming platform – I’m just not much of a gamer.

Of course, there are numerous apps that are nice to carry along in the digital Swiss Army Knife (e.g., Compass, Light, Yelp, Voice Memos, level, Shazam).   By the way, I’d hazard to guess that the big blade and screwdrivers are the main Swiss Army Knife “applications,” so to speak.  I doubt that the mini-magnifying glass, tweezers, etc. get much use.

There are also plenty of apps that are interesting for a particular short lived purpose (e.g., French Open application).

I haven’t seen a branded application worth using (e.g., Starbucks app).

It will be interesting to see how this changes when I get an iPad.

I’m guessing that I’m a fairly typical iPhone user.  How many of applications from the iPhone app store are used more than once or twice?  This reminds me a bit of the Facebook application platform craze.  It turns out that most Facebook applications weren’t used on a sustained basis.

Cool = Watching March Madness Live on iPhone

March 20, 2010

Even better when UW makes it to Sweet 16.

Example of friend to friend “ad” on Foursquare

December 10, 2009