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The Insanity Of Music Licensing: In One Single Graphic

September 2, 2010
Why I don’t feel sorry for the music industry…


Good data from eMarketer regarding size of online music market

January 1, 2008

Very relevant to what we are doing at SplashCast in the music category. The article link.

Also, here are some more predictions. In particular, the size of the social media advertising market section is interesting.

My favorite music video

January 1, 2008

How cool is this? Dig the earrings.

Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 – Mas Que Nada

Interesting development in the music industry. Three of four majors selling DRM free.

December 27, 2007

I may start branching out from iTunes. is now selling DRM free music from three of the four major labels. Warner is the latest.

I’m more than happy to pay for my music and am proud (stupid?) to say that I have no illegal music among my collection. That being said, all things being equal, I would rather buy DRM free music to keep my device options open.

Update January 4: Sony just announced that they are selling DRM fee music.  All four majors are in.