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Online television: Netflix is the one to watch

September 4, 2010

Good summary of recent developments in the Economist.

One outfit is steadily gaining ground. Netflix, which rents DVDs through the post, has been amassing subscribers: 15m so far. It is gradually moving into online distribution, and is becoming popular on connected TVs. It will be built into the new Apple TV. Netflix has a pot of money to spend on rights, and wants to acquire some content exclusively. Although it stayed quiet this week, it is the company to watch—and, if you are a television or film executive, to worry about.


Dear Santa: I would like one of these TVs

November 6, 2009

Some TVs Go Directly Online for Streaming Movies

Several manufacturers are putting Web connectivity into their TV sets as movies streamed directly from the Internet have become more popular.

iTunes TV? Cheaper than Comcast; no commercials; sign me up

November 3, 2009

With the noise level rising over consumers possibly paying a fee for TV shows online, now comes a report that iTunes is considering an all-you-can eat $30-a-month TV service.

A new subscription service would turn iTunes into a pseudo cable and satellite TV operator — a company that charges monthly fees for traditional TV/cable networks. The difference is that iTunes service would be sans advertising. Shows would not be distributed via linear networks — but, as iTunes does now, by program.

Of course, the service is only as attractive as the breadth of content offered.

Blazers to stream all games? I will gladly pay.

October 29, 2009

I’ll pay for it (it needs to be all games, not just the subset on local broadcast TV).

From the Oregonian’s Mike Rogoway:

The real goal is to expand this for Comcast’s exclusive games for fans who aren’t in Comcast’s service territory or aren’t subscribers. Mensah told me Comcast is contemplating the idea in several markets, and has indicated the service might be available at the start of 2010.