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The Real Revolution in Online Education Isn’t MOOCs

October 20, 2014

“Something is clearly wrong when only 11% of business leaders — compared to 96% of chief academic officers — believe that graduates have the requisite skills for the workforce. It’s therefore unlikely that business leaders are following closely what’s going on in higher education. Even the latest hoopla around massive open online courses (MOOCs) amounts to more of the same: academics designing courses that correspond with their own interests rather than the needs of the workforce, but now doing it online.”


10 Hackerish Partnership Tips and Observations

October 14, 2014

Recent post on Portland Incubator Experiment’s (PIE) blog

PIE Blog

Swiss Army KnifeI’ve served in business development and product roles at four startups—two in California and two here in Portland. If I count the digital media group at the LA Times, I can call it five. I also headed up new business development for Knowledge Universe, where my job was to look for new business lines for the billion-dollar education company. Given these experiences, and given that I’m a closet lawyer, I consider myself to be a Swiss Army knife of all things business and partnership development.

Here are 10 simple tips and observations, in no particular order, that might be useful to you:

1. Term and Termination are the most important terms in your deal. As a startup, your visibility into the future is very limited. It’s certainly not uncommon for strategies and priorities to change several times in the first two to three years. When negotiating contractual terms, term and termination…

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Testing wordpress email post

July 31, 2014

Go Timbers! [View at Jeld-Wen]

July 30, 2011

Taken at Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC)