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The Cult of Personality and Tech Brands

May 19, 2010

In a pretty short time span, many very big name tech brands have risen and fallen.  In thinking about this, in a very non-scientific way, it certainly seems that the stronger brands are generally associated with a strong personality – whether good or bad.  Does a company need to be associated with a person?  More for fun than anything else, here are some examples:

  • Microsoft = Bill Gates. Arguably, Microsoft has gone a bit sideways since Gates stepped down as CEO.  Balmer can’t play the role of authentic tech company founder.
  • Amazon = Jeff Bezos. Amazon is the oldest company among the big and still strong dotcoms.  Amazon has had an amazing run.  Bezos deserves even more credit than he gets.  He can never retire.  Never.
  • eBay = Meg Whitman. The company really grew under her leadership.  Who is eBay now?  eBay used to be fun and cutting edge.  I rarely use it anymore.
  • Yahoo! = Filo and Yang, especially Yang. Yahoo! has completely lost its center.  I’m not sure I know what Yahoo! stands for and why I should use it.  Yang had a second run, but it was too late.
  • AOL = Steve Case. This is a sad story for sure.  AOL is working on its umpteenth comeback.
  • Apple = Steve Jobs. This is probably the strongest personalty association.  I almost feel like I bought my phone and computer from the guy.  I’m thinking about buying one of his iPads.  There’s a reason Apple’s stock price tracked Jobs’ health issues.  However, perhaps, Jobs is becoming “the man.” Read the rest of this entry »